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Other Suggestions for Information to Share with Us:

  • Questions and Comments
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    Bob McDermott
  • Historical Information about the Golden Knights and/or Jumping


Send Us News About the Following:

  • Alumni Members and their Families
  • The Golden Knights
  • Other Groups That Promote Skydiving
  • Events in the World of Skydiving (Civilian or Military)
  • Related Groups (Blue Angels, Thunderbirds, etc)
  • Cultural and Educational Opportunities Related to Jumping
  • Other Related Topics or Areas of Interest

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Updates to roster profiles are password-protected. Only a Team member or family member of a deceased Team member should update a roster profile.

Protect your information. Don't share your password.

For your convenience, the existing profile entries display in the update form. To update a profile:

  • Open the Full Roster and find your name;
  • Display your profile from the Full Roster [click on your name];
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  • Enter your email/password;
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Updates if you are not a Team Member
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We're looking for photos, videos, recordings, news clippings and
other media that relate to the Golden Knights and/or sport parachuting.

Please feel free to email us any items that are in digital format.

If you have printed photos, memorabilia, videos or other media that you can share,
please contact us before mailing them.
Printed photos and other media that we accept in advance will be scanned and returned to you
(unless other arrangements are made).

For each item, please include as much information as you can: date, location, event, personnel, description, anecdotes ...

Team Members:
Hero Shot - If we don't already have one, please Submit a Hero Shot for your Roster profile.
Hero's Choice - Submit another personal shot that we can pair with the Hero Shot (your choice, civilian or military).
Team Album - From your personal archives, share photos/media about life as a Golden Knight.

Friends, Fans & Members:
Suggestions for Items to Share:

  • Photos/Media about Team members competing, performing, practicing, at air shows, after hours, group shots ...
  • Photos of emblems/patches, buckles, coins, prints, statues, and/or any items that commemorate the Golden Knights
  • Copies of News Clippings, video/audio recordings, programs and brochures
  • Historical Items about the Development of Sport Parachuting
  • If you have information about or corrections to any item, please tell us the where, when, why and/or who, if you can.

We Appreciate Your Support
Please note that items you share may be displayed and distributed via the GKAA news services.
The Terms of Use on the website also permit others to copy and distribute these items,
provided they respect your copyrights and include credits/bylines and/or reference the GKAA, as applicable.

"Top This" is a collection of anecdotes and stories about the Golden Knights.
History is written in the small and large events of our lives.
Share your side of the story.

  • Anyone can submit a story. Friend, family, fan or foe.
  • There are no length restrictions. Three sentences or three pages, it's up to you.
  • If possible, include the names, dates and places where the events occurred.
  • If you have to, omit details to protect the innocent (or was that the guilty).
  • You must include your name and email address. Phone# is optional, but desirable.

Ideas/Suggestions for Topics

Best/Worst Friend on the Team After Hours or What Happened after you Left the DZ.
Best/Worst Moments Practicing/Performing/Competing Equipment Malfunctions or Dicey Moments
Significant People You Met Most Boring/Mundane Part of the Job
Challenges of Being or Knowing a Knight Best Story about a Team Mate
Poignant/Sentimental Moments Gripes
Best/Worst Experience Out of the Country Best/Worst Conditions that You Ever Jumped In
Scariest Moment (We Know You Weren't Scared Though) Funny Stories
The Highs and the Lows Supporting Staff (On or Off the Job)
How Sick Were You That Day? Hangover Stories Misconceptions. What people don't know.
Best/Worst Travel Story What you remember most...



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Many people deserve credit for the success of the Golden Knights Alumni Association. We extend our thanks to:

  • The Board of Directors of the Golden Knights Alumni Association (past and present); and
  • Our fellow Golden Knights and their families.

The number of people who have and will contribute to the success of this web site is too numerous to list; however, be assured that your efforts are sincerely appreciated. The list of contributers includes Golden Knights and their families, fans, affiliated civilian groups, friends and supporters (both inside and outside of the military), and many more.

A special "thank you" is directed to George Torrealba [D-1640] who has been the guiding force behind this website from its original inception and debut in 2003 through the newest release. This site would not exist without George's efforts to assemble a roster, collect historical information, photos and other media, oversee website development and manage the site. Your fellow Team mates appreciate your efforts, George.

Photo Credits: The following deserve recognition for taking the official team aerial and ground photos. The list is incomplete: 1960s- Joe Gonzales, Bill Humke and Robert T. Turner; 1970s- Paul Horn and Justin Schilling

The Golden Knights Alumni Association (GKAA) website is provided as a public service . Information on this website is collected for historical, educational and cultural purposes. Please observe the following rules and conditions for using this website:

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  • Individuals and groups who share written, digital, or other media with the GKAA agree that their materials may be distributed or shared for historical, educational and/or cultural purposes. They also retain ownership of any copyrighted material, as applicable.
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