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The "Golden Knights"
Golden Knights US Army Parachute Team - Official Site of the Golden Knights

The "Blue Angels"
Blue Angels US Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron - Official Site of the Blue Angels

The "Thunderbirds"
Thunderbirds US Air Force Air Demonstration Squandron - Official Site of the Thunderbirds

The "Red Devils"
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The Unofficial Site
of the British Parachute Regiment Free Fall Team
Red Devils
The Official Site of the British Parachute Regiment Team Red Devils

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Airborne and Special Operations Museum Airborne Special Ops Museum

Irving Delta II Parawing
Developed by a former member of the Red Devils freefall team, this site explores the development
and use of this high performance skydiving parachute.
Red Devils Delta Wing

National Skydiving Museum Skydiving Museum

Rodger Dodger Aviation
Historical Accounts about Aviation by the Personnel Who Made Them Happen
Rodger Dodger

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