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History of the Golden Knights
We Gratefully Acknowledge the Contributions of the Actual Participants in these Events
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1 "Parachuting: The Skydiver's Handbook" Dan Poynter & Mike Turoff   [various years]
2 "USA Airborne: 50th Anniversary, 1940-1990" Bart Hagerman, 1997
3 "A Quarter Century of Excellence" Golden Knights Media Relations, 1984
4 "US Army Parachute Team Celebrates 50th Anniversary" Soldiers, the Official U.S. Army Magazine, October 2009
"First a Soldier, Second a Soldier, Always a Soldier"
is the statement that most accurately describes the essence of the Golden Knights.

Although an elite, skilled and highly visible group, they are also highly trained military servicemen
who throughout their military careers have been willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country.
Many have.
The men and women of the Golden Knights are soldiers first and always,
soldiers who also have multiple skills to contribute to their country.
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