In Remembrance

"Friends and Teammates
Lost in the C-47"

Paul Albritton JC "Batman" Barbarick Mike Buckley Bart Bullington Cecil Davis Richard "Dick" Del Conte
Paul Albritton Joseph Barbarick Mike Buckley Bart Bullington Cecil Davis Dick Del Conte
Tom Wolfe

Tom Wolfe
Who 14 of our Friends and Teammates who were Members of the Golden Knight's Gold Demonstration Team
What Died in the crash of their C-47 aircraft while enroute to Overland Park near Kansas City, KS to perform at the first exhibition of the season.
Where Basil Perry Farm in Silk Hope, NC
When The early morning of March 8, 1973
How With honor and in the service of their country.
Ray "RC" Kinser

Raymond Kinser
Francis Welch Mike Wasley Jim Rice Cecil Davis Rodney Pease Ed Parrish
Francis Welch Mike Wasley Jim Rice Joe Pelter Rodney Pease Ed Parrish
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