Re-dedicating the Memorial Stone at Silk Hope, NC
April 17, 2010

Photos Courtesy of Sean Capogreco, USAPT - Media Relations ( Except as Noted )
842 843 844
Left: Representatives of the Silk Hope Fire Department and the Golden Knights join to re-dedicate the memorial stone marker. Above: Chaplain Stumme and  SGM Stephen Young
look on during the remarks by LTC Joe Martin.
Right: The invocation by Chaplain Stumme.
881-Crash Remnants 880 - Memorial Marker Judy Wasley Kraft attended the Re-dedication Tribute. The memorial includes a display case of remnants
from the C-47 aircraft.
Photos on this row are courtesy of Walter Kraft.
881-Crash Debris
858 859 860
To honor their team mates, the Golden Knights performed a commemorative jump and demonstration.
862 863 866
Spectators watch in appreciation as the Golden Knights
jump into the demonstration area.
864 867 Many people gathered to enjoy the community events and to honor the Golden Knights who died in Silk Hope in 1973.  Then, as now, the Golden Knights thrilled young and old with their exciting performance.
845 861 847
  Events, like the commemorative jump, are narrated
to help inform and entertain the crowd.  With characteristic
precision, the jumper executes a "stand-up" landing
in the middle of the demonstration area.
850 848 At the conclusion of the demonstration, the Team stands in formation to honor their team mates, their country and the spectators.
Golden Knights receive the appreciation of the crowd. 851 852
854 856 857
One of the roles performed by the Golden Knights is informing the public about military service and the USAPT. At the conclusion of the demonstration, the Golden Knights sign autographs for fans, distribute calendars and other information about the USAPT, allow fans to examine their gear, ask questions, and even learn how to pack a parachute.
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