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RJ Smith
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History of the Golden Knights
Some of our Team Mates and friends go to their final resting places by taking one last jump
with the Golden Knights and/or another skydiving organization.
The experience, known as an "Ash Jump", is a respectful and meaningful occasion for everyone.

Family and friends gather at a drop zone to witness and share in the event. In a special ceremony, a team of Golden Knights (or related group) receive the ashes of their friend. The ashes are then placed in a special release bag.
While in free-fall formation, the Knights release the ashes of their comrade. 
A videographer and/or photographer may record the event to share with the family.

Below is a list of those whose final jump was an Ash Jump.  Share what you know about these special moments, or tell us about someone who should be on the list.  Click here to send a message to the Media Editor. "Blue Skies", friends.


Fort Bragg, NC
Parade Ground
Bobby Wrenn
In a private and special event, Bobby "Spider" Wrenn, flew over Fayetteville/Fort Bragg one last time on June 27, 2014.

Members of his beloved US Army Golden Knights  served as his honor guard.
Bobby Wrenn


Skydive City
Zephyrhills, FL

Friends and family of Dan Williams gathered to celebrate his life on April 23, 2014.

Click here to see a video of the ash jump on YouTube, and to hear a very special tribute sung by daughter, Tiffany.

The videographer, Billy Porter, also shared these photographs.
Click here to view the photos.

Jumping with Dan were:
Sergeant First Class Kyle Margelofsky - NCOIC of the SOCOM Para-Commandos
Keith Walter - Team Leader of the SOCOM Para-Commandos and former GK XO
Kirk Knight - Team Member of the SOCOM Para-Commandos and Former GK Cmdr
Yvette Walter - Honorary Para-Commando and wife of former GK XO Keith Walter
Greg Windmiller - Current GK
Joe Abeln - Current GK


Skydive City
Zephyrhills, FL
Henry "Jim" Arender was one of the pioneers of the USAPT. After joining the Army at age 19, he was recruited for the elite STRAC Sport Parachute Team, the forerunner of the USAPT. By age 21, he was the first American to be crowned World Champion on home soil.

Half of Jim's ashes were interred at a Veteran's Cemetary in Sante Fe, NM, the city he called home for much of his later life, and on May 30, 2013 the other half flew over Zephryhills, FL where so much of the training of the Golden Knights has occurred over the years.

Click here to view a video of images and footage from
Jim's Ash Jump.
Jim Arender


PK Airport
Raeford, NC
Ronnie "RJ" Smith, was a dedicated supporter of the Golden Knights both on and off the Team. With characteristic spirit and good cheer, he continued to promote the Golden Knights with programs to schools and in the community wherever and whenever he could.  He made his final jump with the Golden Knights on 09-18-2010.
Click here to view a photo essay about this jump.
Ronnie Smith


PK Airport
Raeford, NC
Norris "NJ" Hargett, one of the first pilots who flew for the Team, made his final jump with the Team on 09-18-2010. NJ helped the Team win over 50 titles. It seemed fitting that a small Cessna was used for the jump when mechanical difficulties sidelined 2 larger aircraft.  The Cessna's ID included the initials "N" and "J".
Click here to view a photo essay about this jump.
NJ Hargett


PK Airport
Raeford, NC
Dale Stec Dale Stec

  Paul Rafferty Paul Rafferty

2002 Kirby Bayer Kirby Bayer


PK Airport
Raeford, NC
Chuck Mullins

View a video of Chuck's Ash Jump
Chuck Mullins

  Bob Crenshaw Bob Crenshaw

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