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About Photos & Other Media
The Golden Knights Alumni website contains photos, mementos, videos, documents and other media about the Golden Knights. Much of it is collected in the Gallery, although it is distributed throughout the website in the News, History and other locations.  In general, the guidelines below apply to images throughout the site. Click to contact he Media Editor.
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Viewing Photos Submitting Photos & Other Media  

If we are missing a name or got it wrong, please forgive us and send us a message with the correct information.
Include the photo ID and/or any other identifying information.
About the Gallery
The Team Album displays photos of the Golden Knights as they perform in their official capacities: competing, training, touring and more.
The Scrapbook displays photos & mementos of the Golden Knights, their families & fans in a variety of settings and activities. It includes after-hours activities, reunions, special features and more.
Visual Media includes videos featuring the Golden Knights.
Print Media includes documents about the Golden Knights, like promotional brochures, press clippings and more.
You can use the general rules below to navigate all of the sections of the Gallery: the Team Album, Scrapbook, etc.
Page Menu - Menu selections for the Gallery are displayed in the upper left sidebar of each page. 
Some items may have sub-menus. Click the primary or secondary item of interest. 
Page Title - The decade or other identifying title is at the top of the left sidebar. Underneath the snapshot display box, you will see the full page title. An example is: "Team Album - 1970-1979 - Canopies".  As you move through the Gallery, many of the pages will have a similar appearance.  Check the Title(s) to reference where you are.
Viewing Photos in the Gallery
Below the Page Title in the left sidebar are viewing options for the page, including one/more menus.  The menus include the photo albums and collections.
In the Team Album, for instance, is a list of decades.  Slide your mouse over a decade to display a sub-menu of categories. Select the category to dislay the photos in that collection.
Photo Strip - The Photo Strip is a collection of thumbnail images that are arranged like a film strip.  The Photo Strip displays on the right of the page. You can hover over the thumbnail to see a snap shot-sized version.  You can click the thumbnail to see a full-screen enlargement.
Snap Shots - A snap shot of each photo displays in the center of the page. To display the snap shot, hover over a thumbnail image (slide your mouse pointer over the image).
To Scroll the Photos - You can scroll the photos using the scroll bar on the right of the photo strip, or by using the scroll wheel on your mouse (recommended if available).
To See a Larger Image - Click a Thumbnail image to enlarge it.  A full-screen version appears with captions.  You can easily send us comments about individual images using the enlarged version.
You can view an enlarged version of many, but not all, of the photos on the website. Click the image. If available , the larger version displays in another window. 
The enlargement includes the title of the album/collection for the image, a caption with as much detail as we have about the image, the photo ID (upper right corner), and an opportunity for you to tell us what you know about the image.
Tell Us What You Know -  Many of our photos are missing names, dates, places and the history behind the photo. It is easy to tell us what you know about an image. To the left of the image, look for a small box. Click the sentence "Please Share What You Know by Clicking Here".  An email to the Media Editor opens. The photo ID is automatically included in the message, so all you have to do is tell us what you know.
When naming people, please idenitfy the location of the person in the photo [from left to right].
We appreciate any information you share.
Getting a Copy of Photos
You can save a copy of the photos to your computer, but remember that the images may be copyright-protected.  Any photo that you download can only be used for personal, non-profit purposes.  If in doubt, don't get a copy and contact us.
The photos have been sized and compressed to display effectively on a website.  The resolution and quality is not the same as the originals. For special needs, contact the Media Editor.
To Save a Copy to Your Computer:
  • Position Mouse Pointer Over the Photo
  • Press the Right Mouse Button
  • Select "Save Picture As" or "Save Image As"
  • Save the Image to a Folder on your computer
Getting a Copy of Videos & Printed Documents
Print Media - You should be able to print a copy of the document from within the process that displays the document on your computer.  Please respect any copyright notices.
Visual Media - As a rule, we do not provide copies of the videos that display on the website.
Submitting Photos, Video & Documents
For all media - Keep the originals if at all possible and send us copies. Please identify the owners of any copyrights other than yourself. Unless you supply return postage, do NOT mail items that you want returned without getting prior approval from the Website administrators.
Inclusion in the website is at the sole discretion of the website administrators.
Photos - You can attach photo images to an email and transmit to the Media Editor.  The .jpg format is preferred but .gif, .bmp, .tif and other formats are welcomed too. Scanned versions are fine.
Videos - You can send us links to videos on YouTube and other sites, as well as attach videos. Do not send the originals.
Documents - Documents such as news clippings, magazine articles, personal tributes, historical references, obituaries, air show flyers and anything relating to a person or event surrounding the Golden Knights is welcomed. MS Word documents, PDF format, scanned documents are all acceptable. 
If at all possible, please tell us the date, source and circumstances that pertain to the document.  We often receive news clippings and have no idea where they originated: newspaper, date or even state, for example.
Click to learn more about Submissions.
To Send Us Comments About Photos or Other Media
If you know information about the people, places, dates and events in a photo, please let us know.
First, click the image with your mouse.  If an enlarged version appears, use the message box on the left of the page to transmit your questions or comments. The message will automatically include the Photo ID.
If the photo does not enlarge, then record the page where the photo appears and a description of the photo in your email message.  Preferably, include the page link in your message (ex:
Send your message to
The material that appears on the Golden Knights Alumni Assocation [GKAA] website is copyright-protected.  None of it may be used for commercial purposes. The material is for personal use only.  When using this material, please reference the holder of the copyright, if displayed, or the GKAA.