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CBS - Summer Sports Spectacular - 1961

CBS Sports Spectacular
Part 1 - Joe Stilwell's Intro
Part 2 - Jim Arender's Style
Part 3 - Packing Your Chute
Part 4 - Hopi Wind Dance
Part 5 - Accuracy Counts
Part 6 - Free Falling
1961 - Vintage footage from the popular CBS television show.  Approximately 1 hour divided into 6 segments of
8-12 minutes each.

Enjoy this rare early footage of the US Army Sport Parachute Team before they were known as the "Golden Knights", including the nostalgic commercial breaks.  Copyright CBS Television.

Hosted by Bud Palmer

"The Big Picture"
circa 1961-1962

James Perry
View Video

circa 1961-1962 - One of the earliest documentary videos about the USAPT produced by the US Army.

A real treasure, it discusses the growth of parachuting in the military
and the eventual development of the USAPT. Approximately 28 minutes. 

CBS - Summer Sports Spectacular - 1964

1964 CBS - Golden Knights
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1964 - "Parachute Jump" - Early black & white footage.

Notice the gear/equipment. The parachutes aren't labelled "Army" yet.

Featuring: Dick Fortenberry, Jerry Bourquin, Bobby Letbetter, Jerry Babb, Chuck Mullins, Harold Lewis, Coy McDonald, Phil Vander Weg

Hosted by Jack Whittaker

"The Big Picture" - 1968

The Big Picture
Part 1
Part 2
1968 - Early documentary about the Golden Knights produced by the US Army. Approximately 30 minutes divided into 2 segments.

US Army Commercial
November - 1972

1972 Golden Knights Commercial
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November 1972 - Commercial for the US Army - Featuring the Team who perfected the first 10-man star formation (a very big deal at the time). They called the maneuver, "Pins & Needels".

According to Roger Kidd this is the exit order as near as he remembers:
1 - Lamar Mallette
2 - Chuck Collingwood or Sherm Hawkins or Erik Helgesen
3 - Roger Kidd
4- Leon Wolfe,
Other Team Members: Jack Brake,   Mike Steele,
Roger Reynolds,   Charlie Hall,   Chris Needels, and
maybe Ed Parrish. Bob McDermott was the coach.

"50 Years of Excellence"

50 Years of Excellence - Golden Knights
View Video 2009 - A celebration of the 50-year history of the Golden Knights produced by the US Army. Almost 8 minutes.

"A Paratrooper is Made"

Airborne Training
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circa 1950s - US Army Production
About 22 minutes. No audio.

Early black/white& color footage.
Demonstrates airborne training techniques, practice jumps, tactical applications, rigging and packing, and ends with the opening of one of the first Parachute Clubs.

"Now It's Skydiving"

Now It's Skydiving
View Video 1960 - Early footage of skydiving captured by Lew Sanborn using a camera he designed.  This video shows the early years of sport parachuting.

Brought to you by "Carstairs White Seal Whiskey, for the man who cares".

Approximately 10 minutes

HALO Footage View Video

June 27, 1960 - Footage of test jumps executed by the original HALO Test Team of the US Army Airborne & Electronics Board.

Just under 3 minutes

"The Vietnam Wall" View Video A tribute to the Golden Knights who served and died in Vietnam. Courtesy of Bob McDermott.

"Tomb of the
Unknown Soldier"
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Commemorating those who have died for their country and whose names and/or resting places are unknown, and the Honor Guard who serve at their memorial tomb. 

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