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Printed Media
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Internal - From the Golden Knights and/or Military Services
25th Anniversary "A Quarter Century of Excellence"
25th Anniversary Brochure

Outstanding photos and history from the first 25 years of the Golden Knights
1965 Team Album Team Annual circa 1965
1968 Team Annual Team Annual circa 1968
Merrill Shepard Roster of Command Personnel

At left is MAJ Merrill Shepard, commander of the STRAC Sport Parachute Team, the forerunner of the USAPT.

Inception to Date
Spanish Narrative Spanish Version of the Narrative
for a Golden Knights Demonstration

External - Documents from News Outlets and Other Sources
Postcards of Ft Bragg

Fayetteville & Fort Bragg in Vintage Postcards

Vintage photographs highlighting historical moments in the history of Fayetteville and Fort Bragg. Photos spotlighting Fort Bragg may be found in the History of the Golden Knights. Copyright Cumberland County Historical Society Inc. Find the book at your local bookstore or internet retailer.

1930s +
1968 Press Clippings Collection of Press Clippings

A pamphlet of news stories from the late 1960's.
circa 1968
1963 Skydiver Magazine Skydiver Magazine

May 1963 - Guaymas, Mexico - "Mexican Holiday" by Jim Rhea (early Golden Knight)
1965 World Records World Record Report

Article documenting the 1965 World Record attempts.
Skydiver Magazine-1968

Skydiver Magazine

May 1968 - "Golden Knights Assault on World Jump Records" - Skydiver Magazine - Find the full text in Gallery > Print Media -(Note: Some pages of interest: 6, 12-17)

Personal - From Team Members, Their Families and/or Friends
Roy Martin "The United States Army Parachute Team 'Golden Knights'"

Roy D Martin, 1st  XO and 2nd Team Commander, remembers the early days and some departed friends. An extraordinary first-person account of the pioneers of the USAPT.
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